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30 Mar 2022

Educating employees about cybersecurity and data protection

Educating employees about cybersecurity and data protection

Awareness Sessions with international experts.

The National Audit Office (NAO) organized awareness sessions on "cyber security" to inform all its employees about data information and protection, prevention of data breaches, cyber risks and the measures to be taken in the event of an emergency.

The webinars were held in cooperation with Sysprove Consulting, a company specialized in information technology governance, information security management, and related strategic consultancy.

The sessions, held in three batches, included an overview of cybersecurity, current and emerging threats, evolving risks and how to control them, information security standards and frameworks, information security management, strategic planning and governance.

They also discussed data protection, audit principles for cyber security, good practices when using information technology, procedures to be taken in the event of any cyber security issues, and cyber security incidents in Bahrain.

The sessions were conducted by two international experts in cybersecurity, Dr. Malcolm Shore and Mr. Ravi Jayasundera. Dr. Shore has extensive experience as a cyber security consultant in the public and private sector. His expertise comprises the development of cyber security policies and solutions, strategic security, risk management, security vulnerabilities and breaches, software development and coding.

Mr. Ravi Jayasundera is an expert and specialist in Project Management and Information Technology with more than 25 years of experience during which he has worked with global organizations, finance institutions, banks, educational organizations and others in the public and private sector.